How to Transform Uncomfortable Emotions & Find The Root of Your Problems

The Art of Emotional Alchemy

“Emotion” (n): a conscious mental reaction subjectively experienced as strong feeling usually directed toward a specific object and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body

How do you deal with uncomfortable emotions?

How do you heal yourself?

How do you restore balance in your life?

How do you bounce back from emotional self-sabotage?

In life, as we experience issues/problems we can become very emotional. We can get lost in our emotions and feelings to the point where we lose our sense of rational thought. Emotionally charged thoughts can cause clouded/irrational thoughts because your energy is moving in many different directions, and may not be grounded.

When you become irrational…

  • You lose the ability to think clearly
  • You make poor decisions
  • You’re unable to zoom out and clearly see the context of your life

What’s the difference between emotions & feelings?

  1. Emotions: surge (sudden, quick, instant)

2. Feelings: flow (subtle, long lasting, build over time)

To become a MasterMIND you need to understand and be able to IDENTIFY and TRANSFORM your emotions.

Q-How do you identify your emotions?

A- Build your “Emotional Intelligence”

Q- How do you transform your emotions?

To transform your EMOTIONS, you must shift the ENERGY in your body.

Law of the Conservation of Energy: Energy cannot be created or DESTROYED; it can only be CHANGED from one form to another.

A- Transforming Energy = Emotion + Thought

Emotions = the fuel of thoughts

Thoughts = fed by emotional energy

2 Steps to Transform Your Emotions:

1. Awareness (Identify issue & emotions):

  • Identify what emotion you feel
  • Understand WHY you feel it
  • Create action steps to deal with the issue
  1. Issue/Problem:

What is bothering you?



2. Why:

Why is ____an issue?



3. What cost is this issue having on you?



4. Emotions/Feelings/Thoughts:

What emotions, feelings, and thoughts are you having?



5. Desirable Outcome “D.O.”

What is the desirable outcome of this situation? What would your life look like if this issue were gone?



6. Brainstorm Solutions:

What ways can you solve this issue?



2. Transformation:

  • Express yourself

1. Chakra meditation

2. Exercise

Exercise can be a positive form of catharsis where you release built up emotions.

ACTION STEP: Transmute energy through the body with physical movement. 3x per week minimum.

3. Write your feelings down

Take a piece of paper and free write.

ACTION STEP: Write a letter to yourself talking about everything that’s bothering you and what you feel.

4. Visualize

Visualize who you want to be, how you want to feel, and the actions needed to heal and restore the balance in your life.

ACTION STEP: Practice DAILY visualization and write down who you want to be.

5. Talk with another

When in doubt, talk it out with someone you trust.

ACTION STEP: Reach out to someone and express how you feel.

6. Meditate

7. Nature

Ground, charge, and revitalize yourself in nature.

ACTION STEP: Get out in nature EVERYDAY for at least 5 min.

8. Courage

Healing requires the courage to face yourself and the shadow sides of yourself that are imperfect, makes mistakes, and can be undesirable.

9. Create

Your soul craves expression. Creating is one productive outlet for your emotions to flow and be released. You’ll be surprised with what your subconscious mind is telling you through your creations.

10. Focus on what you to feel

Focus on the emotional state you WANT to feel.

ACTION STEP: Whenever you feel an undesirable emotion, think about WHY, then visualize your DESIRED emotional state.

11. Focus on nutrition

Focus on nutrition to increase your intuition.

12. Practice gratitude

ACTION STEP: Practice gratitude by thanking yourself for the emotions you feel, because they are indicating to you that something is not right. If you can identify the problem, you can empower yourself by finding the solution.

13. Scream

ACTION STEP: Scream in an area where no one can hear you.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Questions to ask yourself:

5 W’s + WHY

  1. Who: Who is affected by the issue? Is more than one person involved?
  2. What: What specifically is the issue?What was the cause(s)?
  3. When: When did ______start becoming an issue? At what point?
  4. Where: Where are you experiencing this problem? Do you experience this issue in different settings?
  5. Why: Why do you feel ______? Use the 5 WHY method to get to the root of the problem.
  6. How: How did this issue start?

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