Announcement: New MasterWin Tombola System

Mar 6 · 3 min read

MasterWin will soon be adopting a new Tombola/Raffle platform for future drawings and winnings of MW Coins.

This new platform will be based on our MasterWin blockchain, (a true blockchain Tombola) and all winners will be generated randomly, drawn based on your transaction ID#. This will also be removing any doubt on how the winners are drawn and will be conducted in REAL time. There will be 2 ways how you can win MW Coins! Please keep in mind, that the more you play the more you will increase your odds of winning the pot!

The blockchain platform itself is very advanced technology and is being customized specifically for MasterWin and will be uniquely configured for our coin. We will offer a fun way to win and pick up MW coins without the necessity of purchasing coins on an exchange or using masternode rewards.

Anyone can play — at all times — no matter where you come from!!!

When fully implemented — we are considering a weekly draw. Each user will be required to send 20 MW coins per entry during the specified date and time, in order to take part and have a chance of winning. The amount you can potentially win will be determined by the number of entries made by you and other players.

Again, by increasing your entries, you increase your odds of winning!

It is a game of chance. If no winner is drawn, the pot will rollover to the next draw, building and increasing the pot.

Our goal is to keep having a larger Tombola drawing every 3 months as we already have now. The drawing will be generated from all transactions ID# during the time leading up to the set draw date, based on the entries from the weekly ongoing draws. The reward pot for that draw will also be funded by the participation in the weekly draw and will be divided up equally between the 10 winners!

This draw will be handled differently than the weekly draw, in that there is no rollover and 10 winners will be drawn and the pot will be paid out (this will be implemented after we launch our standard weekly tombola).
Once the platform is fully implemented, it will be replacing the current methods used to qualify for each Tombola right now and will also eliminate the requirement of purchasing x-amounts of coins and the required video as proof of purchase!

So lots of good news here!

As with any new technology, there will be a beta testing period. During this time we will be running a draw more frequently to speed up the testing and to gather feedback.

Soon the date of the beta testing phase will be announced and we will go into much more detail on “how to play”, the basic rules and explain other features.

Stay tuned!


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“The masternode coin with tombola system — BE A WINNER! “

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