False bravery

So my English teacher told our class to write an essay about an important event in our life that truly changed us. Not knowing anything else to write about, I wrote about my coming out experience. About 3 weeks later when the essays were handed back, my teacher asked me if I could hang around after class. So I did. My teacher and I talked for a while. Then she said something that caught me off guard. “I think you are so brave.” When she said this I didn’t know what to think. Why does being gay make me brave? Or was it that I am accepting of it? It is a part of me, why does that make me brave? Many things ran through my head but I let them stay there.

Today we live in a society where you are considered brave for being yourself. As if we should have to hide our true colors. I don’t see a reason why homosexuality is brave. It is a natural thing that we have no control over. Saying it is brave is like saying, “wow, you are a woman, you are so brave!”

So let this be a message to anybody out there who is scared to be themselves, you are who you are and you have no control over that so why hide it. Be yourself, it is the only person you know how to be. Bravery not required.

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