The hot mess that is the Lipa na Mpesa UX
Kirui K. Kennedy

Man, thank you for this. I have even implored on people working within the network to see how this can be improved.

  1. In 2012, there was talk of M-Pesa push messages at the till (the cashier asks for your number, you accept and payments are automatically deducted). 4 years later nothing.

2. I find it even more ludacrous that they are pursuing a card agenda when practicAlly every other payment service is ditching the card. Why not spend the same resources to work on an App, Apple Pay style.

3. These days, even vernacular radio stations have Apps. You want to tell me the most successful mobile money service in the world cannot?.

4. Finally, these guys spent $75M to relocate M-Pesa servers from Germany. They said the new build (M-Pesa G2) will see faster transaction times (less than 10 secs) and innovation around the product. Almost 2 years, they are yet to even release a proper API.

The problem I think is either the culture at Saf or these guys are just too comfortable with the billions they mint via M-Pesa.

On the culture part, management fails to see the value in innovation completely or does not accept ideas aimed at fostering innovation.

Then again, there is a sense of being comfortable that comes with being branded as the best, most successful,🐑, most innovative and transformative. Probably Saf is suffering from that.

Then again, I could be wrong.