What is It to be Free?

Freedom. The notion all people are born free is a holy principle, held within the essence of every teaching in the western world. But what do the people of the United States do with this freedom? Nothing. They all aspire to merely live the same, mundane existence. The majority live in the same manner: they go to school, get a job, and then die. That is all. Few ever aspire to do anything outside the realm of normalcy. Few dare to ever go against this lifestyle. Few ever go on to do anything of great significance because the majority hold ourselves back from doing the things we all wish to do. Fuck what the masses say! Your life should be lived in the manner in which you wish it, not how others believe! The purpose of life is to give life purpose! Go then and make your life purposeful! Do not merely trod the paths that have been trodden countless times before! Aspire to create your own path! People are free to do anything, but it is only the things that have the greatest meaning to us that we shall do. I challenge you then to make the direction of your life have the greatest meaning to you! Life can be a wonderful adventure, if you wish it! The colors you see need not only be blacks, whites, and grays; they can be the most marvelous, cascading shades of magenta and cerulean, if you’d like. You need not do what others have done before you! You need not fall into the pit of stagnation that is normalcy! Rise up! Create your own path and then travel it with pride! If it will give your life purpose to become a painter, paint! If it will give your life purpose to become a novelist, write! If it will give your life purpose to save lives, become a doctor! You have the ability to do anything within the realm of your imagination! Why limit yourself in any way? Do not limit yourself, merely because someone, sometime scolded you and said “No”. All that matters is you say “Yes”. That is all that ever matters — that you say “Yes”. So long as you believe you can, you can. Believe then you can. Believe you have the strength and the freedom, and the ability to achieve anything within imagination. It is only by doing so that you can rid yourselves of the shackles of normalcy and rise up and soar to new heights. Spread your wings and fly! Demonstrate to the world you are more than they know. Demonstrate that you are free. Choose to do everything you have ever wanted to do. Why? Because you can. Because you deserve to. Because you are free. What will you choose — to die or to fly?

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