Finding Your Voice With SiMODiSA Managing Director Matsi Modise

By her own admission, Matsi Modise does not look a day over 25. But you would do well not to underestimate this 30-year-old executive who has recently been appointed Managing Director of SiMODiSA — a South African industry-led initiative launched to address the hurdles faced by small and medium-sized enterprises and startups.

Formerly the National Executive Director of the South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum, Matsi is an avid entrepreneurship activist and a successful entrepreneur in her own right — having co-founded the business development advisory firm, Emerge Ltd.

In this conversation, Matsi spoke to me about about finding her voice, and not being afraid to use it to advocate for causes she cares about. No doubt, it is her affinity for engaging in meaningful dialogue that has led to her being inducted as a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and appointed the South African Chapter Head of the Pan-African Foundation, Africa 2.0.

I am willing to bet that this bright, millennial upstart will continue to help keep the African startup eco-system’s fires burning.

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