Investor Whispering With Maya Horgan Famodu

Maya Horgan Famodu is a consummate eclectic who wears the beautiful complexity of her Nigerian-Swedish-American heritage with pride.

Maya is the Founder and Managing Director of Ingressive, a firm dedicated to guiding global capital to African entrepreneurs through a 2,000 member angel database, and semi-annual investor tours.

Alongside her serious commitment to promoting entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa, Maya takes time out to write for Inc., the Huffington Post, and several other leading publications. She also organises panels for the likes of SXSW, dances hip-hop, and takes long rides on her motorcycle.

In this conversation, Maya shares the challenges of building a bullet-proof professional reputation within the global VC community, and chats about the risks and rewards of building bridges between Silicon Valley and various growth hubs within Africa’s tech ecosystem.

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