Module 12

An online footprint is the unintentional trail of data we leave behind when searching the web, sharing pages, buy products or looking at images or clips on other sites

Yes as it is important considering our students will become leaners of the future, utilising technology in every form and it is essential they understand what they search can be found by others in the future. We have a responsibility in informing of the right choices to make and ensure that all students can feel safe using any form of technology in the classroom

I’m always hesitant to post anything, as our profession is based so much on appearance and teachers always have background checks done on their social media sites before getting jobs. It is all about being aware what you post today could have a negative effect later on in life, however with security settings in modern times we can filter what others see, so doing this will ensure anything that may be seen as negative by others cannot be viewed

Interestingly, I found a number of links and images of fragrances and designer clothing, there is a major designer who has my name. I also found the link to my Facebook page as well as some cricket stats from my junior cricket days

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