Bernie is the Right Commander for the Wrong Country

TL:DR — You can’t operate a public company like a private one.

The Inspiration

This is going to be a short, (mostly)fact driven blog post. I hate politics but while I was driving for Uber yesterday, me and this guy who is VERY into politics figured out a way to relate it to what does interest me: Business.

Public vs. Private Companies

Private Companies

CEO’s of private companies are visionaries, trying to push boundaries and make their dream, goal happen. They are more influenced by the company mission and their own mission than external forces. They have their customers and their employee’s interests in mind, period.

Public Companies

CEO’s of public companies care about all of the above but they care most about pleasing their shareholders. If they don’t report back positive results to the shareholders every quarter, they are in hot water. These CEO’s have their share holders interests in mind first and their customers/employees second. (I recognize that this is not a proven fact. With that said, I do believe it is accurate.)


Bernie didn’t get the nomination because you can’t operate a public company like a private company. What happens when a CEO in a public company tries to operate it like a private one? They get fired (Or forced to quit), just like Steve Jobs.

Bernie had his employees and customers in mind first (the people) but in a country that IPO’d in the 1800’s, that model is the reason he won’t be POTUS.

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