I’m Available For Work

Hey all. Due to reasons, I am making some of my skills available to the community, to hire me on a contractor basis. Here’s what i’m best at:


I write daily on this blog. Check out both my publications here and here to get a idea of my style. I would say my writings cater towards millennials, but I can write to any audience.

I will transfer the blog on your website over to Medium.com. I will create a publication for you, format it as you wish, and transfer all your blogs to medium. Medium is a smart place to be putting your content. You don’t have to exclusively be putting content on it but you should be at least cross posting.

If you want to be posting on medium but already have a system of blogging in your company, let me come in and cross post every blog your team creates over to Medium.


I’m pretty connected here in Phoenix. Need beta testers? Need feedback on your app? I’ll go out and find them for you.

I know how to run a user interview. I’ve done it. I’ve talked about it. And most people do it wrong. I will either teach you how to run a proper user interview or run the interviews myself.


Aside from my growing email list, social reach, and ability to post on Product Hunt, I will join your launch team weeks in advance, and work tirelessly to get your launch to as many people as possible. I can hustle so let me hustle for you.

Random Things

I’m quite a resourceful guy, and I like to think i’m an intelligent person. I have a broad skillset and can learn quickly. Need something that isn’t on the list? Try me.

If interested in any of these services, please fill out this quick form and I will be in touch within 24 hours.




Founder and CEO at PubLoft

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