5 Take Aways From Startup Weekend Phoenix 2016 (+ the winners!)
Jared Stauffer

Thanks for this Jared. I actually have purged social from my life for a month so I forgot this was actually happening! This is an awesome post and shows off #yesphx and the phoenix startup scene which is awesome.

I love Zach and his team. I met with Zach in the very beginning of my startup when it was just an idea, before I even had a developer. He’s a great guy.

Thanks again for the write up!

Also, not sure if we’ve met before. Would love to change that! Shoot me an email at mat@matsherman.com and maybe we can grab coffee or I can swing by your office or something. If we have met before, it would be great to get an update on whats going on! :)

Keep writing on medium! It’s a fun time.

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