Hi everyone, it’s Mat Sherman. This is my first letter and my last letter to you. I will be moving my writing from Medium and to Substack. If you want to follow my writing in the future, please head over to forwardthinking.substack.com. I will be hosting everything I've ever written over there.

Thanks for following me for all these years. Here’s to many more on Substack :)

And companies will stagnate

When you think of the consumer sector, what are some companies that cross your mind? Snapchat? Facebook? TikTok? These are usually the types of products that fall under the category of consumer. Consumer products are risky, need virality to exist, and rely on hundreds of millions of users to be meaningful to later-stage investors and the public markets. This has been the landscape for two decades it seems like. With this being the common narrative, there was one company founded in 2013 that didn’t make much noise in the tech world, but we are still surfing on the ripples it…

I have many thoughts on the topic of billionaires and I know many others do as well. Before I go deep into the topic, I just wanted to get some statements I know to be true out of the way.

  1. There are good billionaires and there are bad ones
  2. They became billionaires by becoming good investors of resources
  3. The Government is a historically questionable investor of resources

There are good billionaires and bad billionaires

There are people who use their power and wealth to take advantage of other people everywhere. These people could have a net worth of $500,000, $5,000,000, or even $5,000,000,000. Just like there are…

Yes, Here’s 3 Reasons Why

What is Y Combinator? If you ask anyone in the bay area that, they’ll likely call it an accelerator for startups who want to reach a billion-dollar valuation. Some may still call it an incubator. Others could refer to it as a VC firm. After doing some digging, there isn’t actually an agreed-upon word that describes, that YC itself aligns with. So I’m going to propose a new one; Y Combinator is a 21st-century school, just no one realizes it yet.

There are multiple forces at play here, so I’m going to break each one down to back up my…

When a startup dies, the version of the world that the founders were building disappears.

To an objective person, they don’t care because millions of ideas die every year. They didn’t feel the impact of the startup, so they won’t miss it. But if you told someone Airbnb was going to go out of business tomorrow, we would all feel pretty sad. We’ve mostly all used it and love the brand/service.

But what if Airbnb died back before they were slinging Obama O’s ? What if they never got into Y Combinator? What does a world without Airbnb look like…

And how to know if you’re spending too much (or too little) to get customers

As an entrepreneur of any kind, one of the most important skills to master is doing as much as possible with your resources: money, people, and time. One of the primary ways to understand if you’re using your resources effectively is by looking at the unit economics of your company.

Unit economics are used to measure the viability of a business, like startups aiming to grow into billion-dollar companies. It’s a fancy way of asking “Are you spending the right amount of money to acquire and serve your customers?”It …

It’s crystal clear to me. I am very privileged. I am a 6'2 white male and I was born into a wealthy family. See, my grandpa owned dozens of Big and Tall stores and when he sold them, my college fund was formed out of mid-air (AKA, his hard work). I grew up going on lot’s of cruises and we traveled a lot as a family. Then the 2007 crash happened, my parents got divorced, and life changed a little for me. THAT is a privilege. Some people’s whole livelihoods got wrecked in the crash and for me, the only…

Most developers know that they are in demand. This is why it’s so hard to find someone eager to work on your idea. The thing is, they probably get approached all the time with ideas from people looking for a developer. They are used to it, so you need to think about what’s going to separate you from the rest of the people with just an idea. Here are four tips pointing you in the right direction.

You should already know each other

When looking for any business partner, you should look to bring someone on who you already trust and know can execute. In business…

When you’re a kid, you have dreams that you want to tackle. You might want to be a Fireman. Teacher. Doctor. Your dreams may change but your ambition to do something bigger with your life likely won’t. Ever since 8th grade, I dreamed of being an acclaimed singer-songwriter. After I couldn’t find voice market fit (startup jokes), I decided to try my hand at entrepreneurship to see if I had it in me.

That led me to my first in revenue company, PubLoft. PubLoft is a marketplace that connects writers to startups who want to lower their CAC through inbound…

Leveling up sometimes means putting everything on the line

Four months ago, I called into jason Calacanis’s podcast, This Week In Startups, asking him if I should bootstrap my startup or raise money and go for it. He painted a really interesting picture for me. He told me I could take my $20,000 MRR company, grow it sustainably, and live a successful life with what we had already built. I could get the most beautiful house in Boulder and buy whatever I wanted in life. He said he’d 100% respect that as well. He told me it would be like being a star of the minor leagues. …

Mat Sherman

Founder and CEO at PubLoft

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