A Guide to McPolitics and McParties

A note of caution — this piece is very light-hearted.

If the polls are correct the Labour Party wing in Scotland will have a rout of historic proportions. A rout so big that the Scottish Labour Party leader Jim Murphy is already on the line. Jim Murphy? Was he MUFC sacked manager?

Oh wait…this was David Moyes. So perhaps after the election — just like Moyes — Murphy will go manague — sorry lead a political party in Spain?

Since Spring 2007, the in vogue party in Glasgow, Aberdeen or Dundee is the Scottish Nationalist party. This is an example of bar where there are Scottish Nationalist parties.

In fact, in part because of these epic Scottish Nationalist parties — Nicola Sturgeon is so popular, that they started renaming random things with her name in some exotic parts of the world. Places so exotic that they enjoy step dance & fiddle festivals.

But what is a Scottish Nationalist party? Like in many parties, there is indeed a Mili-band at the party — but this Mili-band is so bad that even the oil-powered bagpipe dude seems more interesting.

The SNP manifesto is aptly named ‘‘Stronger for Scotland’’ This basically means that the ratio of Kanye and Daft Punk will be 1:1 — along with some Sean Connery dubstep. There is no Scottish Nationalist party without Sean Connery dubstep.

So…a top tip. If you are a Scottish Labour MP — better be prepared for Friday next week and look for these green signs. Of course this is the JobCentre Plus in Dundee a place called Yes City…which will be known Friday morning as YespleasefindmeasaferseatinLiverpool City among the local Labour MP.