So how did you became a writer?

Some people have asked me this question — so how did you became a writer?

Looking on this today, it’s quite weird to think that I never wanted to be a journalist or a writer as a kid even I learned to read only two years after I begin talking. At the young age of seven, I was guiding my parents through New York City because of a travel guide I bought at Costco a few months before which I studied like a monk (this was before the Internet was mainstream). In everything related to knowledge, analysis and spatial positioning, I am very happy to be gifted in these domains — even if I am horrible at some other things (but that’s another story for another day…)

When I ended primary school, I said in my yearbook I wanted to have a job related in history or geography research. By looking at my high school yearbook, seems that my dream job close to ten years old was to be in international affairs or in diplomacy.

I did my first university degree in a few years during the last great worldwide recession. It was a great degree with a few great challenges. But I was not sure what to do as a career path and as a hobby — so I decided to write. Years and years passing by — writing became like starting to train to become a professional or Olympic athlete. Just like the guy who start winning his first sporting competitions, writing have become more and rewarding with time.

How rewarding it is for me to write? Seeing people who are happy/impressed/concerned by the stories I write is like if someone would win a gold medal at the Olympics. You always have some ‘‘haters’’ or people who say stupid things in the comments — but overall, the rush is worth it.

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