Why I am still very optimistic about Americans, but much less so for US politics

What to think about the Trump riots in Chicago?

These riots sadly help the narrative of everybody.

They help Donald Trump who is able to become the ‘’restoring law and order’’ candidate.

They help the police and the municipal government in Chicago who is able to use these riots as a way to gain support in a city where the police

They help Hillary Clinton, who is able to be first in the polls against Trump even if she has major corruption and trust problems along with massive dispurtancies between what she says and her record.

They help the Democrats who sadly can use Trump to motivate a demobilised electorate to go vote.

They help Bernie Sanders, who know very well that Trump is great to get his support going among those left of the left of American politics.

They help the media who have something to report on. Trump is gold for ratings and clicks.

The US sadly live in an era where both two major parties are getting more tribal at each other. They see the other side as the devil.

It’s sadly becoming more and more similar to the situation in Jamaica in the 1970’s where the two major parties were in a nasty quasi-civil war between thugs and gangs affiliated to both parties.

Or just like Venezuela, a place where populism, demagogy and political showboating have destroyed a country turning it into an hellhole making it worse and worse for everyone in Venezuela trying to live by.

It’s indeed up to the point where it must be contest between which side which be the bigger bully to shut down the other side.

One thing however is certain, on both sides of the US electorate, being angry is something more and more common for people of all political persuasions. Most Republican and Democratic candidates in the primairies have based their campaign on unease on the current situation. Non-establishment candidates on both sides had been doing really well lately.

Left and right, there is also a feeling that America is getting downhill, that things were better before.

It’s easy to blame the situation on someone or some specific event. But one thing is sure, when President Obama was elected eight years ago, hopes were way too high.

Giving so much power and hope to one man (the American president) as a quasi-living God is perhaps a foolish thing to do after all.

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