Where Do I Go Now?

I’m constantly thinking about what I’ll be making. You know what I’ve made so far? Nothing. At least in terms of my C++/Java/C#. I’ve done my share of assignments and command-line programs. But nothing that I am really proud of. My biggest mental block is: what do I work on?

In the past month, I’ve made several small games in Java. A couple of platformers, a Flappy Bird clone, and a sandbox game. All following tutorials trying to teach myself what the hell I’m doing with Java. I’ve made some progress, but I’m not ready to stand on my own two feet. I need a challenge. What will that challenge be? I’m most likely switching to C#/.NET for my self-teaching. Even then, what will I make?

I still don’t know. And I’m discouraged. I feel useless after almost a year of programming. But I’m still left without an answer, so I won’t stop searching. If anyone reading this has a suggestion, please, try and guide me. I could always use some sort of mentorship.