Fund Raising for Eidhi Foundation

As after the departure of Edhi sb, Foundation is facing serious challenges in fund raising and maintaining its right. As we group of some students at the fellowship decided to raise fund by contributing in a better way by working both in group collaborating with each other and also working as a single source. I asked my friends and strangers in my vicinity to contribute in this prestigious cause.Some refused, some seemed uninterested and what not. Faced challenges like embarrassments, failures, welcomed gestures and above all my own fear of asking strangers for some thing.But only thing which enabled me to struggle was the cause of doing some thing for humanity and striving for a man’s dream.My fellows and group mates collected money for fund at the university, They managed to raise a beautiful amount which I hope will serve many mankind in future.

For those who believe that going extra mile for a cause is important, It is to inform you guys its really an awesome feeling and by experiencing it I do share the same mentality.

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