Going Extra Mile

It has been quoted a lot “No pain, No gain.” The moment you start walking towards your road of ambitions the hurdles and hardships of the nature comes naturally in your path.The point here is neither to wait for the right time nor making up your mind not to walk further but is to gain the ability to jump over the harsh obstacles and proving that man’s will is much stronger than the realities of life.The successes are the brightest stars in the darkest nights, A jar full of sweets in the Christmas night, A prayer in Mosque by a saint at night and of course a feeling that touches your soul indeed.

No doubt there is some pain in doing some thing extra, May be it costs more physical exertion, fatigue,sleep, embarrassment,ego or may be in some cases your comfort.But look at the bigger picture of achieving that goal, mission and target.Nothing feels so great as success. Define your success, work on it and go extra mile.

I took it’s implementation to my job searching process, equipping fully with my resume, cover letter and dressing up like a pro.Went to an engineering company.Asking about the HR and waiting there outside his room for about an hour, I met him with smile and every professional way that I could come up with, Showed my passion and interest to him, he was pretty impressed about my keen attitude and interests he asked me to wait until there is any suitable position in the company in future.I soon come up with relaxed and pretty much satisfied about my effort for searching some better opportunity for myself.

The main outcomes from this small experiment are the moment you start doing some thing for your ambitions and goals you start feeling relaxed and more confident. It is not hard but you have to make your mind to overcome negative thinking and beliefs, your fears and you must be ready to bear the pain. Because at the end achievement is sweetest from all the bitter medicines that you have tasted in terms of failures and shame.