Lessons of a life time

Amal academy Head Quarter

Time has come and I’m going to say goodbye to my journey at Amal Academy. It was a blessing becoming a part of this family. Through out the journey not only learning was the main but the impact and positivism I gained is really remarkable. From the online courses to the engaging sessions every part of it was awesome.

One of the most important lesson at Amal was Passenger course in which one can learn ways to do research about their jobs, their dream companies in an efficient way. How to dress like a pro, How to make an effective CV or cover letter and how to be passionate and equipped. It was a total package of huge knowledge.

Second was life long learner, how to be able to learn new things by your own and how one can increase chances of success by this simple habit. It was completely related to develop habit of learning on daily basis. Especially when Kunal explains that how path of least resistance can effect your success and how important the learning is for your job, career and success.

Third and the last is the Amal Academy as a whole. Every session and every course had some unique lessons based on real life stories and events.

At the end I would really love to thank Amal Academy from the core of my heart. Benje Williams and Acumen for the cause and efforts.
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