Mentor Ship

They say your teacher is your first mentor. It can help you grow, evolve and learn new things in life. My life is full of inspirations and learning from people’s lives. I used to learn from my peers, friends, family members, cousins and teachers. Every thing had a purpose, a vision in itself. I gain so much!
I want to share three names from whom I learned a lot of things. But before that I want to confess that all of this learning and growth so far was possible by humility. A mindset to learn from others without discriminating them and getting involved in the puzzles of so called society norms. You can learn from every one, learning is every where you just have to grasp the concept.
One was my uncle, worked as an engineer in many companies. He was an engineer by all means, responsible, active and professional. I used to enjoy his company and tips. I learned how to be responsible, to learn , to grow in life and most important of all how to be self dependent.
Second is an other maternal uncle who is an example of hard work and perfection in work. A man who has been a source of guidance for many years in my life. And third is my beloved God Almighty who gave me an eye to see, a heart to feel and mind to grasp things from his creations, his environment.
I’m so thankful for every one! My mother for supporting me, keeping faith in me. I can’t express this gratitude through words. May God give us strength to learn and guide others to their wildest dreams.
With love….