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I apologize in advance for my following comment because it is always easier to be a critique than to write a piece. Ether way, I thought you might appreciate my honesty. This blog post was pretty bad. Starting from the title, which is a click bait and has nothing to do with the rest of the post… in no position do you ever acknowledge that anything you are doing is what’s causing today’s political phenomena. Instead, you have engaged in a pissing contest where you find yourself more worthy of an opinion because you are born in Cleveland and your opponent was born in Japan. I do realize that his judgements and behaviors are contradictory. But writing a condescending post about how you and your views are better than that of a trump supporter won’t help the us. Instead it will increase bipartisanship and polarization. I propose that instead of writing a condescending piece, you write a proposal of how to actually empathize and reach common ground with James.