Darkness and Silence

My friends of the Night

There could have been a better image but I love this guy. Image Courtesy — PIXABAY
I don’t know if this makes me sound mysterious but I love the dark and that’s what inspired this piece and probably the morning encouragement I got from Tremaine L. Loadholt

I love the silence
I stay in it’s peace
I cherish the darkness
It’s where I sleep

Silence amidst the darkness
This is my favourite madness

The Silence of the night,
to hear the sound of wild sparrows
The darkness of the night,
to drown my morning sorrows

I lay me down in my wild thoughts
with the gift of the night do I share a bond

The Beautiful silence,
My empty room
The scary darkness,
My friend of ‘doom’

lying down in my bed at night,
the dawn of the morning I wish to fight

Stay back!
The dawn of the day
Fight back!
The darkness in the night

Keep me warm,
Keep me safe.
Make ‘them’ long
for the dawn of the day

I love the piece and Quiet
embedded in the scary darkness

Swallow me,
into your peace and Quiet
Consume me,
oh ye scary Darkness.

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