I’m so glad to see you put your words to the pavement and not only wrote a piece, but published it!
Blake Powell

Hello Blake.

I’m Sorry I just replied. Work issues!

Thanks for checking out my first published post.

Above all, thanks for your words of encouragement (I really needed that) and I would not be mistaken to say that your advice on the ‘write practice’ has made me think more about writing and also made me write frequently.

Although this is my first post but I have written more since I published this post last week but I decided I will only publish one piece every week .

I should have published another piece this week but I’m thinking it’s not good enough. I guess I will just hit the publish button tonight when I get home.

And I already bought the books you recommended to me. They should arrive in my country by next week.

I cannot but thank you so much for the encouragement and the single piece of advice that “No writing is extremely poor. No matter how poor it is, there is always something one can take away from it”. This has helped me write and think more of writing.

Thanks a lot. I hope to practice, publish and get better.

Once again, thanks a lot for your nice comment.

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