My Adoration
Heath ዟ

I got to know yesterday that when you comment a lot, some followers might just unfollow you. I have been trying to reduce my comments and recommendations but ITS HARD! It’s really hard! May be I ll just allow those who like me for who I am stay because I can’t hold some comments to myself.

Hahahahah. And this one! I was squinting and smiling and imagining things while reading it.😊

Seriously, If I have someone who is extremely into love poems, I will give you and Mike Essig to him and he’ll have enough till he’s chocked.

You are just out of this world.

“I love this one” — I’m tired of writing this at the end of all your poems — I love this one.

Edit: Sincerely, my mood has been here and there since 2am today but this one here just cheered me up and I didn’t even know. Thanks