Listen to me and HEAR me clearly. I would like it if you participated each time there’s a One-Lined Poem post, okay?
Listen to me and HEAR me clearly.
Tre L. Loadholt

I think I read many one-lined poems and they were all awesome. They always blow me away that I don’t even know what to write even after thinking so hard for many minutes. So, I ll just give up to avoid my brains from shrinking.

But after reading this whole response, I guess there is nothing to say anymore than to stand at attention with head raised and shout “YES MA’AM! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK”

And “Thanks!”

I can be hilarious sometimes. This response took a while to publish because I was searching for the “shouting” smiley — don’t let me tell you the time I used searching! I didn’t get it on mobile anyways so I had to describe the “at attention” thing after thinking so hard for a better one word instead of “standing at attention with head raised” 😁