Light up the World — Day 7

October 1st 2016

I’m not sure I know what I’m doing here. But, this was the way it came and I typed it. I was going to edit it and make it simpler but I have decided to leave and publish anyways.

You are Light. You are powerful. Please Believe this
This is My light for day 7

You are the moon

When you think it’s dark inside you,
when you think you have no light
and they say you are not luminous,

say to them and yourself — 
“I am the moon
I have a power greater than me.
It send lights to my soul,
making me glitter and shine bright”

“Making me shut out the darkness”.

Tell them you are the moon
And you will glitter,
even amidst the scary darkness

You are a star
You need to believe this
I need to believe this

We are stars
We can shine
We will shine

We can light up dreams and hope,
and Love and peace.
The same way shooting stars will light up dreams for everyone

We are stars!

Let us come together,
to form a recognizable pattern —

A constellation

Beautiful and fierce enough,
to make darkness shiver

A constellation

Spread all over the world.
Fighting for all lost Lights
and strengthening all weary souls

A constellation So powerful

Feared by hate
Feared by Racism
Feared by injustice
Feared by darkness

A constellation
held together by Love.

You are Fire
We are Fire 
Purging Fire!

Let the cold darkness be dissolved by our hotness

We are Fire
Ignited by Love
Watched by Hope
sustained by Faith and Peace

We are Fire
Capable of quenching every darkness

And Like the sun

We will shine bright,
to all parts of the universe
and blind all forms of darkness

We have the power

It’s in us.

We are Light.
Let us shine,
Wherever there is darkness.

I affirm that I am light
And whenever there is darkness,

Thank you Tremaine and Ayesha for lighting up the world with this. This is real and I feel it’s effect. I know I felt it and I still do. I hope the world will change. I hope all weary souls will get inspired and lightened up. I hope all troubled soul will get peace. I hope every soul sees “hope” in this. I really hope this will make us all smile in the end. These are my prayers for myself and the world.
You two are Light. And I’m not sorry to say I love you both.