The Slope
Blake Powell

Ok! I wanna contribute to this and write long sentences but I kept hitting the backspace and deleting. I guess I ll just have to say something.

I woke up in the middle of the night to do ‘somethings’. I got hold of my phone to refresh my medium feed and I saw this. Immediately I saw this, I knew I needed this.

So Manytimes, I look through the amount of time it will take to achieve this dream of mine and it scares the hell out of me. This has made me drop things I loved doing — because I wasn’t getting any better at them and I don’t even know if or when I’ll get better — or, maybe I know and that’s what scared me. Whichever way, I get so scared and always ask myself questions — ”can you really do this?” “do you really wanna do this?” and I know I can but I am just scared the path is a dead end and this scares me a lot.

It’s nice to read this. Sincerely I will be reading this everyday for now till it sinks. I think that’s just something I can do to help me.

Thanks for this Blake. I really need this tonight.

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