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Okay! Now I’m gonna second Tremaine. She’s a wise woman. So, I’ll just re write all she wrote.

But before I do, I know I was sad before now. I was confused and couldn’t grow up. I was used to you Judi so your leaving was hard for me. But I’m glad now. I’m glad you’re here now. I’m glad you felt the light we lit and thought it’s worth it to come back here. I’m glad.

So, I’m fine now.

Now, back To Tre’s words. “Rest Judi. we will be here whenever you return”. I will be here whenever you return.

And even when you are resting, when you close your eyes to breathe and your chest rise and fall, when you are silent and saying nothing, when there is that great calmness all around you, listen Judi, I am there with you. You are not alone. You are not alone Judi. Whatever it is, you are not alone. We are there with you.

You can go rest Judi. Find peace and come back and I’m sure we will be waiting here to cheer you back in. I’m sure.

I’m sending you all my love, all hugs, all strength, all light, all of EVERYTHING to stay with you even as you rest and find peace.

This is coming with a great love from me. Go rest Judi. Find peace. And come back so we will cheer you in and love you even more.

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