The Dream that kills our Dreams

I had problems deciding the topic to this article. I thought of calling it "the dream that kills itself" but while I was writing this article, I realised that we subconsciously have another dream that kills our real dream.

We all have got dreams. We Dream about our writing craft, about our start-up, that perfect relationship or that perfect future. We work towards such dream but if these dreams are not actualised, we get discouraged and Quit.
I have come to realise that we humans (especially the new dreamers) tend to be too positive, subconsciously believing that Life is fair and we dream unprepared for rejection. We let the failure and rejection catch us unaware.

We dream about that perfect future, map out our plan in actualising such dream and then fantasize that once this is done, our dreams will easily come to pass. We subconsciously dream that Life is so fair.

Listen, Life is a Big bitch! She doesn't care that you gave it everything. There is no golden rule to life that says "put in all efforts and watch yourself become famous as Bill Gates".

I'm sorry to make you sad but the fact that you worked hard in realising your dream doesn't mean things will suddenly go nice and easy.

Someone who did lesser amount of work and was rewarded bountifully doesn't guarantee your success even when you put in a larger volume of work.

Life is not fair! Life has never been fair and I don't think it's gonna start being fair.

Dream the Nightmares

There is only one solution to avoiding the subconscious dream of 'life is fair' from shattering our dreams. The solution is to consciously Dream the Nightmares and decide the best way to deal with it. When we dream the nightmares, we suppress the subconscious 'life is fair' dream and we get prepared for the worst situation.

What is the nightmare? I once read somewhere that

"Nightmares are good dreams gone Bad".

Our Nightmare is what happens when our good dream goes the unexpected way and hunts us.

Many believe our nightmares are there to discourage us. This is true to a certain extent. Nightmares will scare you, but they are also there for us to decide if our dream is worth chasing at all. They are there for us to prove how desperate we are in achieving our dreams.


Never dream of achieving your goals without asking this question.

What if your dream seem shattered? Will you Quit? Will you pick up the pieces of your shattered dream and upon it, build a new dream? The answer to this question will show how determined you are in achieving your dreams

As for me, I actually wanna be a writer. May be I'm awful but I think Im trying to be one already ): I know it's not gonna be an easy ride because I lack that natural talent. This means I have to learn how to think and also learn how to write well.

My dream is to write and express my thoughts in a very engaging way. I want people to read my thoughts and feel encouraged. This is my dream as a writer.

Now I have a dream. That’s good but not good enough. What if I published my first piece only to realise that no one read it and no one gave any advice or encouragement? I might end up getting discouraged and Quitting. (Thank God someone read it and encouraged me to keep writing).

Now, whenever I write any article, I dream the nightmare ( which I have experienced already).

The nightmare that comes with my writing is when people seem not to care about what I write. This is when someone reads my piece and just walks away. Probably because I didn’t convey the message in an engaging manner. That’s my good dream gone bad. My Nightmare!

But Do I just Quit? Well, my decision is that I will grind through these moments. Even if I practice and my writing ability seem not to improve, I will keep writing. Even if no one seem to care, I won’t stop publishing. That’s my resolution for my 'good dream turn bad’.

For starters, It is necessary to dream your nightmares and think of how you will deal with them. If you don't do that, the nightmares will catch you unaware and you are at the risk of killing your dreams when you face rejection. It's important to dream the nightmare and deal with it.

If you are too weak to deal with the nightmares that come with your big dream (and move on), then you are not fit to dream the big dream. — Tweet this.

I wish there was a nicer and more soothing way to put that.

Wash, Rinse and Repeat.

When you dream of the nightmares and decides to deal with it, it means you are telling everyone YOU MEAN BUSINESS. It means you are ready to kick asses.

Dream your dreams and Dream your nightmares. Write out how you will deal with the stupid nightmares.

When you deal with the nightmares the right way and learn from your past mistakes and rejection, you will realise that you are automatically picking up the pieces of your shattered dreams and making a new dream out of it. You will realise you are doing this over and over for any dream and probably for every goal.

This process will be a process of wash, rinse and repeat and you will find yourself dreaming TILL YOUR LAST BREATHE! This means you have more chances of success and you will be opening up more opportunities for luck.

Even if at the end, you never became famous, you will be glad that you actually did all these. It means you never wasted the time and the talent you took your time to build.

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