Chapter: Stinky
Tamyka Bell

Whew! {Wipes invisible sweat off my face}

You took me on a ride here. But trust me, I love the ride. I really do.

This is great. Just great!

Well, I got a confession and I’m sorry to say this……but I needed someone “real” to be Amber. And…….ooops! **bad face**… I actually used “you” (Thanks to your display picture) for that while reading this piece.

I had to imagine someone real to be “Amber” because your story was forcing “stuffs” and “scenes” in my head and I needed to put “someone” there to help me out and make me enjoy the ride (may be that’s weird). But when I did that, I enjoyed the story even better. 😀

Dang! You’ve surely got some talent in story telling. I love the details. I love the Chemise-standing-up-pissing you injected in the story. And you!…….are just impressive with this story. I just love this story here!

I love this story here. I love it!