Le Scaphandre et le Papillon and one of the best movie endings of all time

I’m no film maker or expert but there are some things I do know. Little things but nevertheless important things. For instance: you can’t kill, hurt or do anything to a character and expect us,the audience, to be moved by it unless we know them.

It’s actually pretty obvious. We don’t care about people we don’t know. Just think about the time you were told someone whom you’ve never met died. How did you feel about it? Probably indifferent.

Ronald Harwood, who adapted the book for a screenplay, could’ve just decided to show us Jean-Dominique Bauby having a stroke right away in the beginning of the movie. But he didn’t. Why?

Because he knew it wouldn’t have the same impact. So he chose to introduce him to us instead. He shows us how his life was before, how were his relationships with others. He show us his struggle and misery after the fact.

Then, and only then, after we truly knew the character and grew fond of him, does the movie show us he actually having the unfortunate stroke. And it just wouldn’t have been the same if the story had been told linearly.

Because we actually cared about him, the scene was infinetly more emotianlly charged. And for that I can say it is truly one of the best movie endings ever done.

Ps.: As Anthony Fantanno would say, yall know this is just my opinion right?