Look, I’m no developer.

A few years ago, I couldn’t tell the difference between server and client-side development.

Vue.js, React, Node.js… what the hell?

I couldn’t begin to understand why JavaScript was everywhere, why it was so important.

I know I’m not the only one with so many questions about these subjects. Whether you’re new to web development or you need to work closely with devs, it can all get pretty overwhelming.

Working with developers on a daily basis has been a reality of mine for a while now, and I’m starting to get a solid grasp on concepts that…

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Being a JavaScript developer is a commitment to always be on the alert.

The learning curve never stops at a precise moment. So you’re always juggling numerous questions in your head.

“Should I learn Vue.js, React… both?”

“What about functional programming? Looks interesting!”

“Is server-side JavaScript any good?“

“Should I learn TypeScript?”

Today I feel like tackling this last question.

We recently played with TypeScript at Snipcart: we’re using it to re-write our cart’s next version. So, perfect timing to dive into TS on the blog!

This post will cover:

  1. What is TypeScript?
  2. Why should you learn it?
  3. When should…

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This post has been a long time in the making.

The hours of experimentation with dozens of headless CMS & frontend frameworks on our blog are finally paying off.

Thanks to these, we’re offering you our developer’s guide to headless e-commerce.

We’ve been proponents of a decoupled approach to development and the JAMstack for a while now. More and more developers are adopting it as well. Others haven’t jumped the fence yet and are simply curious about it.

Either way, I wanted to craft this piece to help developers find their path in a “headless” environment, with a focus on…

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Node or PHP?

Headless or traditional CMS?

React or Vue?

VS Code or Sublime?

Different projects require different tools. Developers must pick the right ones, which is no small task in this fast-paced environment.

And your first pick — choosing a code editor — is crucial.

In this post, I want to explore two of them, Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text, and help you make that decision.

Why these two, you ask? Because:

  1. They’re two of the most popular code editors right now.
  2. They’re the ones our team has used the most.

I’ll present both of them, and compare…

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In 2009, a new technology made its humble beginnings in the vast universe of backend development.

Node.js was the first legitimate attempt to bring JavaScript to the server-side.

Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a web developer who hasn’t heard about Node.

Following its inception, it has split communities, triggered forum wars, and brought many to despair.

Think I sound dramatic?

Do a quick Google search. You’ll land on a gold mine of controversy. Some arguments you’ll stumble upon:

“Whatever happened to the axiom “Use the best tool for the job”? …

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