MathFlowers — generative NFT art project 7 month in the making

4 min readOct 11, 2021

What are MathFlowers?

MathFlowers is a collection of 3.333 programmatically generated pieces of art, which are based on mathematical algorithms with sophisticated image processing technology. All of these MathFlowers live on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC721 Tokens (NFT), which means their individual ownership can be proven through Blockchain technology.

Our Genesis MathFlower

What is the Team behind?

Our team consists of lifelong friends who came together to make this happen. We have Mat, our artist who is in the generative Art world since 20 years. Then we have John who is our boss developer and has built the tools around it and also our own smart contract on Ethereum. Next in the team is Sophie, our Community Manager. If you are interested in joining us in our future projects, contact us on Discord.

How are MathFlowers generated?

Each MathFlower is randomly generated based on some seed data points like time, wallet address, block number. With this data, the randomization puts various shapes on a drawing pane. There is a sophisticated logic to choose which shapes and patterns to add. Next step is to create the animation which will set our MathFlowers alive. There is again a lot of coding in place to determine the animation scheme, pattern, cycles and repetitions. After all, everything is put together in one piece of art.

What can you do with a MathFlower?

A MathFlower is there to fascinate and to be admired. You can mint your own MathFlower and then keep it as long as you want in your Ethereum Wallet. It will be visible on this page as well as on all Platforms following the ERC-721 token standard (like Of course you can also Download your MathFlower and keep it “offline” while having the proof of ownership stored on the blockchain.

Next you can do is be proud: As a MathFlowers Owner you own a piece based on a very old NFT contract on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our Contract was already deployed at the beginning of April 2021, which means way before other NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Coolcats or Meebits.

And lastly, as a special feature, we allow MathFlower holders to name their MathFlowers directly on the Blockchain, because we think every MathFlower deserves a suitable name.

We called this one “Ethernal-Eye”

Any info on rarity?

Each MathFlower is unique and has a different set of attributes like color, repetitions, “eyes”, etc. Based on all attributes we determine a rarity from “Legendary” to “Common”. However, we will keep the rarity chart hidden until all MathFlowers are minted. But here is one small tipp: The number of eyes is our most important factor. A very low and a very high number of eyes increases the rarity.

very rare, 2-eyed, 2-winged, 2-colored asymmetric MathFlower
Some further MathFlower examples during our development

What do you mean with “serves as Mint Key”?

MathFlowers are our first NFT-project and therefore form our genesis collection. However, we have plans to generate further art like this to support our goal of building schools in developing countries.

As MathFlowers is our genesis collection, we decided that each MathFlower will also serve as a Mint Key for all our future collections. This means you will automatically be whitelisted for any further collection drops and can mint these earlier then anyone else.

Do you have some more MathFlowers to show?

Of course :-) Here are some further examples:

“Twisted purple triangular” MathFlower
“Eleven flames sun” MathFlower
“Flashing turquise” MathFlower

Whom to contact?

If you are interested in our MathFlowers project, here are some links to our channels