Small spaces don’t necessarily mean cutting down on living standards. On the contrary, small spaces can work wonderfully well provided you take extra care to prioritise your needs, throw away unwanted clutter and open your mind and space to a plethora of quality, reconfigurable furniture solutions that can adapt and give you freedom in arranging your home decor to many situations. Individual pieces that are versatile enough to multitask give you the flexibility of changing your decor to keep up with your changing needs

Convertible Sectional Sofa

If you are the kind who entertains a lot of friends, an L-shaped sofa or a sectional sofa can easily seat five to six people. Apart from solving your seating problems, it can also easily double up as a bed for a guest depending on how tight you are on space. The sectional also works great as a room divider separating the room aesthetically into different functional zones. Shop for a sectional that has a slim, sleek look and comes with storage options underneath, for stacking away linens, pillows or anything else you might want to hide away! All in all, a versatile piece that can help you accomplish many goals for design and comfort! …

The Convenience of Online Mobile Recharging

The advent of cell phones has been a major breakthrough in human life breaking distances and improving communication to different levels. Several other developments have taken place from there on bridging all gaps between people in different hemispheres. The mobile service providers have come up with different new innovative idea trying to hold it up in the market scenario. One of the best advancement in recent times has been the facility to recharge talk time online.

Earlier one had to go to a local recharge store and then provide your mobile number to the attendant there to get your phone recharged. There was an issue of number privacy in such a case. The mobile number was usually noted down in a book and the person who came in after had easy access to phone number. This also led to excessive spamming of mobile number. Then there were recharge cards which could be bought from the shops and the code in the card entered using a specific process to recharge the mobile number. This was a tiring process and if you are unable to find a store nearby then you will have to roam around with zero mobile balance. …

How To Make A Large Space Look Cosy

Though most people feel it’s harder to work with a smaller space, a large living space comes with its own challenges in terms of décor, lighting and colour. It’s not as easy to make a big living room feel homely or make a large bedroom a cosy space. Here are some tips on how to make these large rooms more comfortable.

  1. Tall plants: Tall potted plants placed strategically are the go-to space filler for large rooms. Fill them in lonely corners, empty vertical spaces or near windows. They’ll give the room a sense of being filled and warm. …


Mathew Pareira

Freelance Journalist from India.

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