Letter to my daddy from an unborn baby

Dear daddy… Are you ready? My life is just about to start. I wounder, very soon you’ll meet me and kiss my little face 😊

I will hold your finger but you’ll hold my heart. I will feel your warm skin and you’ll admire my cute smile..😀

Dad, I’m wriggling for you when i’m hearing your firm voice from mom’s inside. you know that.!

I listen for you in the morning, woundering if you remembers and asks mom about me. I look for you at night, wishing your hands keep me warm.

I wounder, My daddy is the sweetest daddy in the world. Daddy is the most handsome. The smartest. The most clever. The kindest. You are my superman. Daddy wants me to do well in everything. Daddy is just great.. 😊

But, you never spend time for me daddy😐

So daddy if you can hear me.. I need your touch as much as I need mom’s… I need to feel that you are there, keeping me safe… I want to hear your voice softly soothing me to sleep.. I need to know that you love me everyday and that you are happy that I’m here…

Love you daddy,

Ur baby😚

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