US Marine Corps Weekly Report || 2/13-2/18

This week was very interesting for the Marines. It has certainly felt like a long one for myself, and for the rest of the Corps. I was not present from Tuesday to Wednesday, due to a family emergency. But other than that, we’ve been doing pretty good. Today exposed a weakness in our Training and Education Command, which hopefully can be fixed with the proper policy, so in order to address it I released a new Guide for all new — -and old Drill Instructors that is more specific, and covers more ground that the previous one. Given this new guide, I hope Recruit Trainings can be done in a more efficient and effective manner. We also had combat inspections yesterday, which was a disappointment in my opinion, Marines lost to the Navy — who’s team was comprised of mostly SEALs — despite this loss, we realized that we’re still all apart of the same team, and we all fight for a common goal. This next week I hope to tackle the inactivity in the 1st Marine Division’s leadership, and conduct some serious reform in TECOM, and there might be a new Division opened, so keep an eye out!

General DianeRhodes,

Commandant of the Marine Corps

General InfernoByteII,

Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps

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