I design and develop on Windows machines.
Robert Blinzler

Hey Robert, 
yup, there are so many new design tools which are not cross-platform and don't really work with each other. This is currently our main point of focus at Avocode. Since we have our custom app independent design format and rendering engine, we can pretty much translate design formats.

The way Avocode works is that we upload a whole design file (like a PSD or Sketch) — parse it, translate it to our data format and render it . Soon we'll be able to do the same with Adobe Xd and other formats might follow. This way developers are able to open and inspect designs without having to have the design tool.

But what about designers right? Well our parsing and rendering technology can be used in different ways. We want to be able to parse design formats and assemble different fromat from them. The first example of such process was the Beta of the PSD to Sketch design Converter (https://avocode.com/convert-psd-to-sketch). Once we'll support Xd at Avocode, we might be able to offer a conversion from PS -> Xd, Sketch ->Xd and Xd -> Sketch.

Other formats are on our roadmap too — most importantly Illustrator, however its format is very complex and very hard to read — far from Sketch JSON-like format. You can find out more about this in this article: https://blog.avocode.com/how-to-disrupt-your-product-roadmap-28d56b139e07 (section about Adobe Illustrator).