5 Reasons Buying Used Office Furniture That Will Make You Jump In Your Chair.

These are the volatile times; the economy is taking unexpected twists and turns making it imperative for businesses to make the smart choices when it comes to outfitting office. Whether your company is small family run business or large Multinational Corporation great looking furnishings is something you cannot do away with. So buying quality office furniture is a task that every business has to endure sooner or later.

Many companies especially blue chip companies change their furnishing simply because they want redesign their office from time to time. Others leave it behind while relocating because the cost of moving is simply not worth it. This presents many small companies and startups with opportunity to buy used office furniture from the wholesale dealers. Contrary to the popular belief used office furniture is not at all dented or of cheap quality. Plenty of arguments can be offered in favor of used office furniture.

1.Save Money

This is the biggest advantage of buying used office furniture. Most of the used furniture dealers offer unprecedented discount rates as high as 90% of the label price. Since it is sold in bulk quantities getting huge discounts on items like used chairs, used office cubicles etc. is possible.

2. Save Time

Selecting & ordering new furniture is a demanding task; it involves a lot of prep work if you are getting custom office furnishings. You will have to visit different dealers do a lot of research and there is no guarantee that you will get everything you want under one roof. Since used furniture is sold in lots, chances are you will get everything like used cubicles, used office chairs and used office desks under one roof at a flat price. Getting everything under one roof certainly saves a lot of valuable time.

3. High Quality

Not all the used office furniture is of cheap quality on the contrary most of the used furnishing is branded and gently used for 3 to 5 years. Besides office furnishings have a life of almost 20 years anyway. So you will end up buying good quality but slightly used furniture at less than half the original budget.

Secondly most of the new office furnishings available in market today are manufactured in China. However the used office furniture (about 3 to 5 years old) you would buy is most likely manufactured in United States and often from well-respected manufacturers. More than two thirds of used furniture wholesalers sell branded high quality material at up to 90% discount on label price. Naturally it would be smarter move to buy used Herman Miller cubicles at a huge discounted rate instead of buying new branded furnishings manufactured in china at the label price.

4. Minimum Depreciation

Even if you purchase cheap quality new furniture its resale value will depreciate to almost 20–25% of its original value. However if you purchase high quality used office furniture its resale value will be much hire almost 75% of what you had paid for it. Obviously it is a wise decision to invest in quality used furnishing rather than investing in new one of cheap quality.

5. Go Green

If you take a closer look you will understand that making use of used office furniture is a lot better for our planet compared to recycling aluminum cans or plastic bottles. Since wood is the principle ingredient of most of the furnishings making use of used furniture will save few hundred if not millions of tree contributing to much cleaner and greener earth.

Old wooden furnishings are sent to landfills for disposal that requires huge space and a lot of investment. Steel furnishings need to dissemble before recycling; however recycling costs are prohibitive leading to malpractice. If you make use of used office furniture you not only save money and time but you also save a lot of land filling space, reduce pollution and protect our precious forests. Is there a better way to go green?

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