Dispatches from Trumpland — Part 1
Mike Cernovich

I call it Drama Series ‘Journalism’. Entitled ‘The White House’.

That’s the MSM’s current business model, and now also Cernovich’s.

Drama Series Jounalism is perfect for the modern know-nothing journalist, because you don’t have to know anything about real issues like NAFTA, China’s economic expansion, Afghanistan, or the tax code.

Most journalists have arts degrees like English or Sociology. They know very little about real issues like NAFTA, its implicaitons for the American worker, or China’s economic model.

That’s why journalists love Drama Series Journalism. Because everybody can jap about people. No skills required. It’s for everybody.

It also helps that many journalists are women, who love to jap about people anyway. See the similarity between Trump administration ‘journalism’ and high school gossip? OMG did you hear what Mandy just said to Paula? OMG! Drama.

And what do you need for good drama? Villains, machinations, dramatic plot twists, and the like. Well dear read, meet Globalist Gary, Javanka, Trump loyalists and the West Wing Democrats fighting for power in a real life version of Game of Thrones! Drama! Drama sells. Problem is: it has little to do with reality.

For the record: President Trump is a 70y old billionaire who fought and won against killlers and sharks all his life. But now somehow I shall believe President Trump is some kind of baby who has a babysitter (Gen. Kelly), has his phone taken away like a rebellious teen, and is easily influenced by everybody surrounding him including his grand kids and the mean Cohn (villain!). I mean it’s not like Cohn has some valuable skills as formar top banker.

And OF COURSE in the age of the internet the babysitter ‘vets’ physical articles before they ‘go’ to the President. I mean it’s not like we all have easy access to the internet 24/7 or something.

Of course the anti-Trump press likes this ‘Trump reigned in’ narrative, because it makes the President look weak. This way they hope to undermine the President’s support. So does Cernovich, apparently. Every loser tries to make a buck out of the President.

And what are the sources for this unlikely story? Well, ‘sources’ . Anonymous ‘sources’. That is anonymous low level staffers who likely hold a grudge. Or ‘journalists’, who all hold a grudge. AND most of them are in the mass hysteria bubble anyway (see Scott Adams).

Cernovich now plays the same game Fake News plays, while pretendign to fight against Fake News. Unfortunately he is about to become Fake News himself.

No longer trustworthy.

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