A night time routine, is just as important.

No more mobile phone in my bedroom, that’s it. Alarm clock purchased, no TV no nothing.

I keep reading that your bed time routine is just as important as your morning one. Not only is it just as important, it’ll make the morning one easier, and you’ll probably sleep better to.

I decided to get rid of my phone, laptop etc from my room, to get a better nights kip. The studies are endless that show putting the phone down and out of your room before bed can help, so I’ll trial that theory myself and get back to you on it.

Planning out the next day the night before is also a good step to take. At the end of the day, I find my brain is flowing with ideas and what needs to be done, writing them down and creating a plan of action for tomorrow, allows you to wake up reminded from your sleep, so you can begin the day with intention.

So here’s my night time plan of action:

  • Sit at my desk and finish editing/work
  • Plan out 3 things I want to have completed by tomorrow
  • Brush teeth/get into bed, leaving all devices downstairs
  • Read for 30 minutes — sleep.

Now it’s down for the world to see, you can either try something similar and let me know how it goes, I also now feel more accountable. Small steps to becoming a better Human. Night all.