Building a habit.

If I had it my way, i’d wake up every morning, do yoga for 20 minutes, meditate and then write in my journal. Eat breakfast and have a structured start to the day. However I struggle to make these things a consistent habit, some of you may relate…

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s trying to do all these things at the same day at once, day in day out, is going to be hard to sustain. You’ll do it for five days in a row then drop off. That’s why you’ve got to strip it right down and start with the basics.

Literally brushing your teeth twice a day everyday at the same time is a habit. Start with this first, once you nail this for two weeks at the same time, start to couple it with another activity.

An example of coupling in my situation would be pairing brushing my teeth in the morning with meditation. One can’t be performed without the other it’s a rule, every time you brush your teeth you know mediation will follow next. Leave a post it note by your tooth brush to help this process to start with.

Then once you nail this for two weeks you can build in more habits and routines. It’s much more likely to succeed than trying it all at once. Bring it back to the basics.