Get comfortable with rejection.

Evening all, a quick one before I read and head to sleep.

Today I spent well over an hour on my Instagram post, and it performed terribly. Compared to photos I’ve spent 5 minutes on that have done really well. So it got me thinking, whilst the number of likes obviously gives me some idea of how people have engaged with it. I’m not aware if they’ve read the content and taken away the message.

You could get 2,000 likes on a photo and have zero people take something from it. You could get 5 likes on a photo, and have 5 people take something from it. Quality over quantity, be prepared to not get it the way you want.

A big contact I made in one of the worlds largest sports companies also has rejected and ignored me countless times, I’m not bitter, these things happen. Just make sure you work so hard they can’t ignore your work. Get comfortable with rejection, it’s part of the process. Just create another opportunity for yourself.

Night all.