Let’s talk food.

Nutrition is something people have asked me to talk about in a number ways, but I’m going to touch on it from multiple directions and try to educate you, and give my views in the process.

Why I’ve nearly cut meat out of my life?

I watched these documentaries, and they changed the way I looked at the earth and food. Simple as that. I’m not going to preach, but educate yourself and then hopefully you can understand as to why people reduce their meat intake.

“If you do just one thing — make one conscious choice — that can change the world, go organic. Buy organic food. Stop using chemicals and start supporting organic farmers. No other single choice you can make to improve the health of your family and the planet will have greater positive repercussions for our future.” 
Maria Rodale

We’re not designed to eat processed food.

I’m trying to eat more products of the earth, if it doesn’t rot then that tells you a lot. We’re designed to eat whole nutritious foods, not something that’s been chemically made in factory.

Watching this helps you understand why your body struggles to cope with processed crap, and why a glass of orange juice, is almost as bad as drinking a glass of coke.

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” 
Ann Wigmore

It effects everything

I feel like people start changing eating habits when they receive the proper information and education. When they realise they can really reap the benefits of good foods. More and more research is releasing on the importance of good nutrition and your mental health, this isn’t just food, this means water too. If people knew the benefits they’d change their ways. Here are some most important to me:

  1. Better mental health
  2. Better decision making
  3. Mood control
  4. Clearer skin
  5. Greater physical performance
  6. Drastic reduction in disease/illness


‘If it fits your macros’ is a pretty well known rule within the fitness industry. It basically means if the doughnut and rice cake covered in fruit and honey has the same macro-nutrient values, then allow yourself the doughnut. Whilst I understand this concept, and everything should be enjoyed in moderation. People fail to remember that although those two items of food have the same number of calories, and fat, they’re still very different, in simple terms your going to gain more vitamins and minerals from the fruit and rice cake. Sugar levels may be the same but one’s going to be processed better with fiber with the fruit, the other not so well….take a guess. Natural food wins every -single -time.

“Processed foods not only extend the shelf life, but they extend the waistline as well.”
 — Karen Sessions

Eating Healthy IS CHEAP GOD DAMN.

People have this predisposition on healthy eating, they think it’s really expensive. Whilst I do think organisations like supermarkets can do more instead of selling a salad bowl 3 times the price of a bag of five cookies, there are options. Wherever you live, chances are there’s some form of local market where you can buy fruit and vegetables from. Guess what, its cheap.You’re also then supporting local business, and not the processed food industry, which is a big thumbs up. Meat is also expensive, one of many reasons why I've started eating less. My favorite meat free products, that are cheap and genuinely taste amazing? Linda McCartney.

Food ideas.

Get yourself on Pinterest. Now. If you’re ever struggling for healthy food recipes, just type in your main ingredient, loads of ideas will come up and you can work around it from there. I don’t see the point in sitting here and giving you meal options, everyone likes different stuff. Experiment with what works for you. I’ve been eating a higher fat lower carbohydrate breakfast of recent and it’s felt good for me. This means eggs, olive oils, avocado etc.

“The first wealth is health.” 
 — Ralph Waldo Emerson

What works for your friend might not work for you.

This is really important to remember, everyone should be able to eat right and reap the benefits, the more you do the more you can experiment and see what works for you. Everyone is different, everyone has a different gut, be kind to it and start searching for your version of healthy.