Why branding yourself is so important.


Whether you like it or not, much of today’s modern business is generated through media, and in many cases social media. It’s only going to become ever more influential over time. People don’t watch TV anymore, they watch YouTube, people don’t advertise on the radio anymore, they advertise through Instagram. Times are changing, and if you want to grow your business/brand then it’s time to get educated.

Example 1 .

Take a landscaper for example, whilst the majority of sales and business will come through word of mouth, it could still be hard if sales dry up. Having social media pages showcasing the work you’ve done for people to see is a great place to start. Do paid promotional posts and direct them in the locations you do most of your business in, these are cheap people. What’s a better investment, that 5 pound on a subway sandwich or that 5 pound into Facebook to reach another 5,000 people?

Follow famous landscapers and their pages to take inspiration. Reach out to 10 gardening magazines to see what you need to do for a feature. Contact someone with a large social following and offer to do a job for free if they give you some exposure and spread your name. Not even one person, 5 people with large followings. Do a favour for the person who sorts the local advertisement boards. Get your name up there.

Example 2.

You’re an elite athlete, if things go well, you’ll probably retire at 30/35. Leaving another 40 work years spare. Setting up a clean website for yourself, working on your socials, will only bring in opportunity. The opportunity to work with big brands, set up your own coaching business down the road, show people your serious about it. People that are not famous athletes are working with brands like Nike now, use your talent as a spring board while you have the chance.

Those are just two examples, but in some way, whatever it is you do, you can brand yourself how you want, and the work you put into socials can bring about serious results.

Can you promote yourself to much on socials?

I would say so yes, If you’re pushing yourself towards people that aren’t relevant in your market, your product will get boring pretty quickly. There’s the classic story of when companies used automated posts, that were being posted during the times natural disasters were occurring, people didn’t like this and thought it lacked respect. Companies reputations were tarnished as a result. There’s a balance for sure, the more you do and learn the better you’ll get at balancing.

How fast can I see results?

Pretty slowly. Depending on how much you hustle, and the quality of your content. It’s taken me nearly 3 years to gain 3.5K followers and only now is stuff starting to happen for me. Consistency is key, nothing great comes overnight.

Consistency is key, nothing great comes overnight.

Think about what it is you want to achieve, how you want to brand yourself, but also, what does the finished product look like?

Time to get brainstorming.