Manipulative Medium Headlines Will Make You Money
Susan L Stewart

I love how this community supports each other like you have in your article. I also love how people like Jonathon Greene can give constructive criticism that actually sows into the Medium community, making this space a better place to write.

Jonathon’s points are salient. I see both arguments.

Good headlining has always been a skill for great article-writing. In newspapers often an editor or sub-editor will be responsible for this. The fact it has become a specialized role in an organization built on writing is an indicator of how important it is.

Headlining is my Achilles heel. I don’t doubt it stops people from reading on.

Overall, since I have been reading Medium articles, there is very minimal click-bait; but Jonathon is right to point this out. Click-bait headlines leave readers deflated when the content doesn’t stack up.

I am studying journalism and I have learned just how important headlines are to the success of an article. But, they are not the whole story. Good content wins out every time.

I think the Medium system is not all that friendly to clickbait headlining anyway. If I read an article and it is underwhelming I won’t clap for it.

That said, the quality on Medium is very good — exceptional, in fact. Early on I mistook it for a news website I like. Medium writers bring a wonderful personal perspective to their writing which makes it all that more compelling.

The following tactic Jonathon talks about is probably less of an issue than it has been on Twitter. Twitter ban excessive following. I have noticed followers have similar interests. This is more ‘like attracting like’ than a scammy business strategy. But I will be aware as Jonathon recommends.

If anyone comes up with a ‘How to Become a Better Writer and Write for Medium’ course, I will take it. I need all the help I can get!