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As modern writers we are conditioned to look for ways to win financially with our writing. After all, who wants to live up to the popular image of a poverty-stricken, artsy writer that has today become a cultural meme? Plus, the plethora of opportunities out there today has given even new writers hope their work can earn them a living — or at least generate some handy cash as a side-hustle.

It’s not impossible to earn some money from your writing passion. But, for those who are just starting out it can be a real minefield. Where do you start…

How to get readers of digital content to keep reading

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The explosion of digital content available for the voracious consumer of words has been one of the hallmarks of the last decade. Although writing has been available for readers to read online almost since ‘online’ became an actual thing, it has only really been since the invention and wide dissemination of the e-Reader that people have had a viable option to read almost everything in digital format.

Traditional publication channels have been smashed and now writers without famous names have been able to earn a living while doing something they…

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Recently, the podcasting platform Anchor carried out a study of the many ways in which people are listening to podcasts. Podcasting, which has kind of become like an audio version of blogging, has taken off in the last 5 years after the initial boom and plateauing that followed the medium’s introduction to the world in 2005.

Apple can probably be credited with the podcasting medium’s birth after supporting it with free access for people who purchased their increasingly popular range of products — from the desktop iTunes app, Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, to Mac computers.

Podcasting — The Mobile Audio Blogging Format

Indeed many bloggers are now…

Writers are often a temperamental lot. It seems any change can take us off course, like changing winds blowing a yacht off-course.

Things — frustrating things — seem to crop up. Out of nowhere, you can have your time misdirected by others (though this is not always intentional or mischievous). Or you can be laid low by the flu or some other malaise.

Then, when you’re over this interlude and it’s time to get back on the horse, you can find yourself stuck. Your normal rhythm having been thrown out of whack, you now have to find a way back.

So, how do you find your writing mojo again when you’ve been MIA a while?

Finding ideas to write about is a struggle for most writers. Ideas though are infinite and everpresent in our midst.

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In the past, I have written about the torment of the blinking cursor; nagging at us to come up with something lest it annoy us for some interminable period of time. Blink, blink. Blah, blah!

Many writing experts label this nuisance writer’s block. Writing coaches, on the other hand, assure us it doesn’t exist. Instead, they argue, it is Peter Procrastination who we do battle with at the keyboard or writer’s desk each day. Peter is persistent; he turns up when we don’t want him to and refuses to leave on our command.

One way you can banish Peter Procrastination…

Controlling your day for maximum writing efficiency

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In November 2016 my work in the ‘normal’ world of work was dealt a cruel blow. Working with a Christian charity, I was struck down with systematic and hard-to-control micro-sleep events. By the time I finally managed to get into a specialist to find out what was causing this my role had been cut short.

Leaving any kind of work is difficult. This was much harder. I loved the job and the organization. Making things worse was the problem of my health. There was no immediate solution to this, and in fact, as I write, this is still ongoing. …

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Australia has, during the last 2 weeks, been through significant tumult. Astonishingly, the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who had won the last election has been deposed without facing another another popular vote. Why has this taken place? Why now?

Extraordinary scenes have played-out in Canberra over the last few weeks as Malcom Turnbull, Australia’s Prime Minister, at first had his position affirmed within the ruling Liberal Party Tuesday two weeks ago but then sensationally, amid scenes of skulduggery by shadow lurkers, was deposed as leader and Prime Minister by Friday afternoon. Many are asking why?

Polling had been fairly even…

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Like many husbands, I can say that it is not always smooth sailing with our women-folk. And, like just about every husband, I know the greatest want in my life is for peace and love to reign supreme between myself and my wife. Surely, I am not alone in feeling like some days, no matter what I do, I am just not getting there.

And, that is why it was a terrible shock to hear my wife one day say she didn’t love me and wanted separation and divorce. We really haven’t been married long, and in Christian marriages except…

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Few books have impacted me as much as one specific book from Brian Tracy. Maximum Achievement, one of Tracy’s earliest and best books, is up there with The World is Flat by Thomas L Friedman, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, by Stephen R Covey, and Whole New Mind, a tome for our times by Daniel H Pink. All of these are united by one thing — they shatter the reality of current paradigms and urge us to change.

Maximum Achievement challenged me. It is also one of those rare books that re-reading unlocks further meaning and extra gold.

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High speed is not everyone’s speed. We all need to find our own rhythm. Comparing ourselves to others only adds to our anguish. Yet when we find that place of equilibrium; that space where we feel in flow, we are probably moving to life’s drumbeat at a speed just right for us. Finding the right pace for our own lives is so important. Yet, when we operate at just the right clip, everything seems to click.

Physically, I have been able move very fast despite the fact I have not always weighed what I should. I have type 2 diabetes…

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