QQ with Brian Holt *Junior Edition

Introducing today’s QQ(Quick Questions) featuring Brian Holt. Brian just announced on Twitter he is joining LinkedIn. Congrats! I reached out to Brian a couple weeks ago, after hearing him on the Front End Happy Hour podcast. I highly advise anyone and everyone to go listen to it. Brian has previously worked at awesome companies like Reddit and Netflix, and he also has incredible React expertise that he teaches via Frontend Masters.

Twitter: Brian Holt

I asked Brian three questions:

  1. What are some common questions you are asked by junior software developers?
  2. What are you currently working on?
  3. How do you keep your skills up?

Here is his response…

Glad you like the podcast! Happy to answer your questions.

Oh man, the more questions the better. Junior devs need to realize that there are no dumb questions: make an honest attempt to Google your answer but then ask someone for help. We’ve all been there and want to help. In particular I get lots of questions about CSS block model, Git, and JavaScript context questions.

Complete Intro to React version 3 for Frontend Masters!

Hacking. Building really stupid projects. Open sourcing them. Using brand new technologies for fun. Conferences. Reading Twitter / blog posts. Chatting with co workers. Watching videos. Reading books. Attending workshops. Teaching workshops.

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