You deleted my tweet asking you for your thoughts on this article, which i find odd.
Kurt Unkel

Hi Kurt — First, I never received your tweet so my apologies if you feel that I deleted. I assure you I did not. As for the article, I can say that it is completely false on allegations of any fraud. There was no fraud on any of those properties that showed some connection to me. As I am going to combat this legally, I cannot respond to super specifics but I can say that what he writes in here is pure conjecture. It is like saying DFP is guilty of ad fraud because they have a technology that people can use for good or bad. Again, NONE of the sites were doing anything nefarious and most were dormant and not used. Also, I will be deleting your message above as it contains a link to the article and I do not want to prop up on an article I have written but I did want to get back to you. Feel free to write back without the link.

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