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Singapore is an excellent place to conduct business because it houses a multitude of successful entities. A high-performing business is an institution that excels in sales, net profits and assets. Such a company may receive recognition such as a Randstad Award. Investors can have faith that their chances of profiting from such business are high. Employees can feel secure in their positions because the companies have a strong financial background. The following are ten of the best performing companies in Singapore, and some information about their success:

BP Singapore

BP is a company in Singapore that has been dealing in gas, oil and chemicals for more than 50 years. The company has earned more than 61,000,000 SGD in sales, and it was ranked number 2 in the top performing companies in 2013 by sales. BP has more than 10,000,000 SGD in assets, as well.

Wilmar International Limited

Wilmar International is an agribusiness group. The company processes grains and manufactures fertilizers. Additionally, the organization conducts sugar milling and oil refining. Wilmar was ranked number 3 in top-performing companies in 2013. Its assets are more than 49,000,000 SGD, and the company has earned more than 56,000,000 in sales.

SK Energy International

SK Energy International is a crude oil company that ranked number 9 in the list of top performers for 2013. The company earned more than 34,000,000 SGD, and it has more than 2,000,000 SGD in assets. Furthermore, SK Energy International has more than 324,007 SGD in shareholder funds.

Phillips 66 International Trading

Phillips 66 is a Singapore energy company that has been in business since 1875. The company flourishes by earning more than 28,000,000 SGD in sales and accumulating more than 1,800,000 SGD in assets. Phillips 66 was ranked number 11 in 2013 for its performance.

Gunvor Singapore

The Gunvor Company is a company that trades commodities such as oil and petroleum. The Gunvor Company ranked number 13 in the top 100 list of high-performing companies in 2013. The company had earned more than 26,000,000 SGD in sales and accumulated more than 2,800,000 SGD in assets.


Shell is a highly popular gas station that produces more than 3.2 barrels of oil on a daily basis. Shell operates in more than 70 countries, and it has more than 30 refineries and chemical plants. The Singapore company earned a Randstad Award as one of Singapore’s most promising employers. The Randstad Award recognizes organizations that show a consistent amount of growth and progress in the business world.


Sony Singapore offers a wide range of consumer products such as DVD players, movies, laptops televisions, cameras, cell phones and the like. Consumer electronics are one of the most profitable categories of goods in existence. Sony received a Randstad Award as a promising employer. The company has high target goals every year. Its 2013 fiscal year ended with profits of more than $2.6 billion.


Citibank Singapore received a Randstad Award for its potential as an employer. The company offers a wide range of financial products such as credit cards, home and auto loans, bank accounts and more. The company earned more than $71 billion in revenues for the year 2013.


McDonald’s is another corporation that earned a Randstad Award for its potential and promise. McDonald’s has been around for decades providing consumers with fast food and long-lasting smiles. McDonald’s serves a large assortment of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert items at a price that all consumer classes can afford. The McDonald’s Corporation services more than 70 million customers on a daily basis. The worldwide corporation averages an annual revenue of approximately $27.5 billion.


The Flextronics Company in Singapore deals with medical equipment, industrial services and capital equipment. The company earns millions of dollars a year, and it has received a Randstad Award for its potential as an employer.

A wide variety of companies in Singapore has produced great success. Some of the other companies that have received rewards and recognition for its success include Capital Land, M1, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Seagate, OCBC, Philips, Asia Pacific and more. The best companies in Singapore provide the goods and services that consumers need the most for their survival. These companies show outstanding progress every year, and they strive to outdo their performances every year thereafter.

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