Why Another Programming Blog?

Deciding to add a drop to the ocean seems insane at the onset. It seems like everyone attempts a blog at some point in their career. For every Coding Horror there are at least a thousand half baked blogs with one or two posts on them. I want to be somewhere in the middle and I hope to convince anyone reading this to consider joining me.

Writing a blog exercises the two most important skills you can have as a programmer. Learning and Communication.

To write a programming blog you need to seek out and learn about a wide array of technical topics. Writing a toy project or following a tutorial is valuable, but reflecting on that learning can bring you to the next level while simultaneously serving as a guide for others.

If you are unable to communicate effectively you will be unable to fully utilize your knowledge. It is the strongest communicators who gain influence. If you cannot communicate complex ideas effectively you will not be able to convince your team to do things your way and you will fail to contribute to the wider programming community. Joel Spolsky even considers good writing a hiring requirement.

I won’t hire a programmer unless they can write, and write well, in English. If you can write, wherever you get hired, you’ll soon find that you’re getting asked to write the specifications and that means you’re already leveraging your influence and getting noticed by management.

The only way to learn how to write well is to do it. A blog is a powerful way to do that.

My hope is to do this consistently and perhaps get a small audience. An audience is a powerful resource. No matter how good your writing or how skilled your tech you will find plenty of people who can help you improve. Providing insights you may have missed or pointing you to other topics to explore. Not to mention the potential for references.

So why do this? Jeff actually sums this up quite well himself.

I’d say writing this blog is now, without a doubt, the most important thing I’ve ever done in my entire career.

I am not setting my exceptions quite that high. However, with some persistence I would like to say some day that my blog was an important part of my career.